The domain

L'Oustal Blanc

L’Oustal Blanc cultivates native grape varieties from which solar and refined wines are extracted. Isabel Fonquerle practices natural agriculture, with manual harvesting, respectful of the soil and the environment.

Welcome to the White House

In the Occitan language, L’Oustal Blanc means White House. It’s also a tribute to Blanche the former owner who allowed Isabel to settle in her cellar, which has been closed for 40 years, and then sold it, confirming Isabel’s establishment in La Livinière.

The natural philosophy

The ambition pursued at the Domaine de L’Oustal Blanc is to develop with  grape varieties (Carignan, Cinsault, Grenache Noir and Gris) a range of wines which, without denying the characteristics of very sunny southern wines, remain focused on fruit, finesse, purity, complexity, power.

In pursuit of this ambition, from the vine to the cellar, Isabel applies a philosophy of naturalness, respectful of the soil, the environment and the noble grapes of the terroir of La Livinière. To consolidate this approach, the Domaine de l’Oustal Blanc is currently in the process of converting to organic certification.

Isabel often expresses this observation: “My way of cultivating only reproduces the natural methods which were those of the peasants of my childhood in Guinea-Bissau …”

Respectful agriculture

On her eight hectares of vines, Isabel practices natural agriculture with a biodynamic philosophy. Plowing is limited to produce oxygen in a grassy soil all year round which allows more carbon to be stored and thus naturally conserves water, organic matter and mineral elements. There is total absence of weedkillers and very limited copper and sulfur treatments. 85% of the vines are grown in old goblets and 15% in Cordon de Royat.

For more information, contact Isabel Cardoso – Fonquerle at +336 036 102 31.